A Mortician’s Tale: Thoughts

First off, this isn’t a review as such, I just like to express my own thoughts on my own experience.

A Mortician’s Tale is a game brought to us by Laundry Bear Games. It’s a beautiful looking, almost point-and-click game (I played this one-handed on my MacBook trackpad, a glass of wine in the other hand), where you play as recently graduated Charlie who is a newly employed Funeral Director at a family run funeral home.

It’s something a little bit different in its setting and if you take a look at their FAQ on Steam, talks about “Death Positivity”, which to be honest, other than it being mentioned in the game itself, I didn’t feel like it got there or I felt it.

The soundtrack is calming and suitably composed for the setting of the game. Apart from the fact that I couldn’t help but constantly be reminded of my best friend, both in the name of the character, but also the personality of the character’s best friend, I found myself drawn into the game and what I needed to do.

Whilst I was engaged with the game, I didn’t have any particularly deep feelings, or maybe I’m just¬†desensitised from watching so many horror films. I dunno. As the game progressed and as I started to get more and more into it, the game suddenly ended. Or at least, I feel like it was a sudden ending.

There was so much more this game could have done, even if it was just longer and I had to prepare more bodies. But just as I felt like it was getting interesting and there was some realistic, relatable workplace conflict, nothing happened with it and instead just skipped to a what could be considered a satisfying ending.

Overall, good game, too short, but a developer to watch and I look forward to what else they might bring out.

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