Destiny 2 Announced by Bungie!

Without further ado here it is – Destiny 2 the sequel we have all been waiting for!

There have been few leaks in the last week prior to this announcement, well Bungie post the logo, but ironically didn’t say much so we are left, so far, with leaks.

First of all, images of leaked posters in Italy states that Destiny 2 will be released on 8th September 2017. Great news because it is much earlier than anticipated in my previous posts the vague time frame for the release was October/November.

Second, images of receipts of pre-ordered Destiny 2 game for PC in german stores. Again, another confirmation of the game as well as good news for PC players.

We obviously cannot miss the rumours about Destiny 2 Beta. Yes, there are talks about Beta coming in June, I would speculate for the Beta to start just after E3 where Bungie, more than likely, will reveal Destiny sequel properly and with gameplay teaser. At the moment Beta is to be first available to PS4 players, but it hasn’t been ruled out to be on other platforms later. There is no clear way of signing up for the Beta at this moment but I would assume it will be revealed soon enough.

Very exiting news!

I would expect Bungie reveal more either this Thursday in the Weekly Update, or, how I would actually prefer, for Bungie to leave an easter egg somewhere in the Age of Triumph update, which is to be released in the next few hours!

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Stay Classy Guardians!

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