Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

Hello Guardians,

After couple of months of Destiny 2 Bungie announced first DLC and it’s exciting! After playing Destiny 2 on PS4 Pro and PC I am looking forward to this DLC as hopefully Bungie will fix a lot of things that are wrong/broken. I’ve been working on Destiny 2 review for a while now but since my view on it keeps changing I have not published it yet.

Anyway back to the Curse of Osiris. We are finally getting a DLC focused on Vex race, you know the past, present and the future. I would also speculate that this will be based on the original Vex DLC that was scrapped from Destiny 1 as seen below.

Vex is my favourite race so far, I guess it might be because of all the mystery that surrounds them and the fact that they can manipulate reality itself. Also DLC itself involves legendary warlock – Osiris. There are several references to him in Destiny 2 so it makes sense to finally introduce the actual character to the game.

Bungie also scheduled few streams to introduce a sneak peak of what we can expect from the DLC itself and it schedule looks as below:

Curse of Osiris – Stream One – New Stories to Tell

5PM GMT, Wednesday, November 15


Curse of Osiris – Stream Two – New Ways to Play

5PM GMT Pacific, Tuesday, November 21


Curse of Osiris – Stream Three – New Gear to Earn

5PM GMT Pacific, Wednesday, November 29

Looking forward to these streams and what will be revealed during each of them.

Quick reminder, the first stream is today at 5PM on Twitch!

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