Destiny 2 – Nightfall Changes

The timer is going away!!! I can’t express it enough how happy I am about it! Being mainly a solo player who likes a challenge and doesn’t mind taking my time to complete this is one thing that will bring me back to Destiny 2.
At the moment I am back on Destiny 1, trying to solo Crota’s End Raid, just struggling with the final encounter but it still needs some polishing.
So the timer is going away! On top of that we have few changes:
Scoring and medals for killing enemies from Destiny 1 is back. It is slightly changed:

Primarily driven by kills and secondarily by orb generation – this is fair enough and the approach I would expect from scoring.

Scoring cuts off after time thresholds – this is okay I suppose, they don’t want us to be clearing everything for too long so after 15 minutes new points earned are reduced by 50% and after 18 minutes you stop earning points. I am not sure how this will work out in the long run because that still forces a player to get to the final boss quite quickly, I think this might need to be adjusted to this:
15 mins – reduction by 25%
18 mins – reduction by 50%
21 mins – reduction by 75%
25 mins – cut off
I think this would be fairer approach but again I would be able to say more after few different nightfalls.

Score bleeds over time – this is the least favourite addition depending on how it will work. Bungie didn’t mention how it will work against scoring cut offs. For example, will the score stop bleeding after the final cut off (18 mins)? Players like me, that prefer to take their time might end up with a score of 0 if the score bleeding won’t stop.

On top of these mechanics Bungie will introduce Nightfall challenges:
Challenge Cards – they will offer ways to increase the challenge level in return of score multiplier. The challenge card itself will drop from a nightfall itself and will be customisable i.e. you will be able to adjust Solar/Arc/Void burn, which is a nice addition.

There are interesting rewards as well but I just wanted to cover the important changes to the nightfall itself.

This update is scheduled to be released on 28th February and I’m well looking forward to it!

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