Destiny 2 Roadmap, Expansions and Collector’s Edition

It was a very exciting week in terms of news about Destiny Age of Triumph, as well as Destiny 2 news!

Everyone got their pre-orders in? I would think so! I am on the Collector’s Edition bandwagon and looking forward to getting my hands on this piece of loot as this is actually my first time getting something like that. Anyways, back to the essence of this post.

As you can see at the top we have new trailer of Destiny 2 and it is almost what I was expecting – I was kind of expecting a split second of gameplay to be showcased but you can get everything now can you? The video answers a lot of questions we have been asking for months now. Here is few of them:

  1. When will Destiny 2 be released?
    8th September 2017
  2. What will be the title of the game?
    Destiny 2 (Forge of Hope as reported in leaks previously either has been taken out or wasn’t there in the first place)
  3. How often new content will be released?
    We already know about two expansions coming at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, to be precise:
    – Winter 2017 – Expansion 1 (Osiris) – Will be focused on Osiris as shown in Expansion Pass graphic included in the Collector’s Edition image below.
    – Spring 2018 – Expansion 2 (Rasputin) – We are heading back to our old warmind friend – Rasputin – whether as an allay or not we will find out later.
    In the recent leak from GameStop Bungie states:

    All year long, we’ll be revealing new threats, new places to explore, and new ways for Guardians to fight.

    We can assume regular content updates, potentially on a monthly basis, which is what everyone was asking.

  4. Is it coming to PC?
  5. Is there going to be an Open Beta?
    Yes, as long as you pre-order Destiny 2 you will receive a redemption code to be able to access Destiny 2 Beta once it starts. I predict it will be around E3 conference (14 – 16 June 2017) time or shortly after.
  6. Is Destiny 2 will finally focus on Cabal?
    Yes, as previous leaked information and megablocks mentioned, Cabal have invaded The Tower and have destroyed all of our loot, not to mention Cayde-6 loot 😉 We will be fighting against Cabal Red Legion lead by Ghaul aka Gary.

If you have any unanswered questions that I haven’t already covered then let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do.

Destiny 2 Roadmap


Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal

18th May 2017


13th – 15th June 2017

Destiny 2 Beta

June – August 2017

Destiny 2 Release

8th September 2017

Destiny 2 Expansion I (Osiris)

November – December 2017

Destiny 2 Expansion II (Rasputin)

March – April 2018



As a bonus here is a picture of all the goodies that you get with Collector’s Edition. Plus, in UK at Game you will get Cayde-6 Figurine!

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