Destiny Age of Triumph Reveal Stream 1

Bungie has shared with us some pretty good news during their first reveal stream for Age of Triumph.

First of all, Raids! That’s right, all my speculations have been confirmed by DeeJ. All raids are remastered and brought to current light level. This is a huge task that Bungie has delivered for us to enjoy as part of the journey during Destiny 1 and before Destiny 2 is released in Autumn 2017. I think it will keep us pretty busy as the record book is the biggest one yet.

Let’s get into it, shall we.

As I mentioned all the raids are brought to our current light level: their bosses, gear and armour. New loot rewards not only drop at up to 400 light level but also include ornaments – so we can customise them even further. Crota’s End, Vault of Glass and King’s Fall will receive an additional slot of difficulty in the director as well as they will have a special Weekly Featured Raid. It will rotate through each raid weekly and will start with Crota’s End. Strange choice, as I would have thought the first one would be the vanilla raid – Vault of Glass. However it has been reported that Crota’s End went through the most changes and Bungie wants to see how players will take on this strike-like raid.

I am well looking forward to going through all the raids once again and especially getting my favourite scout rifle – Vision of Confluence at 400 light level.

On top of raids Bungie has introduced new Record Book for Age of Triumph as I have predicted in the previous post and it’s the big one.

The record book consists of 13 pages of achievements to complete;

  1. Commemoration
  2. Story
  3. Titan’s Will
  4. Hunter’s Way
  5. Warlock’s Path
  6. Strikes
  7. Crucible
  8. Raids
  9. Collections
  10. Wanderer
  11. Allegiances
  12. Trials of Osiris

The whole record book is account bound (i.e. not per character), although it seems to be, barring pages 3 – 5, feasible to do this on one character

As you can see some pages (Titan’s Will, Hunter’s Way and Warlock’s Path) are class specific so if you had your preferred class only I ‘m afraid you will need to create two remaining classes to complete these pages.

There are also game achievements, which reward you for playing from Vanilla (Commemoration) or being persistent with your allegiances to different factions and reaching at least level 25 for each faction (Allegiances). You will also be rewarded for being curious and wandering around the solar system in order to collect SIVA fragments etc.

All in all, I think this is a pretty cool way to complete and celebrate Destiny. Next up is the Weekly Activities Reveal Stream on Wednesday 10AM PST/6PM GMT. We can potentially expect a quick overview of raids and potentially find out about Prison of the Elders being brought to 400 light level. It would be nice to see all the strikes being brought to the highest light level and potentially new story missions.

That’s it for now Guardians, watch this space for the next post covering the upcoming Reveal Stream on Wednesday!

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