Destiny Age of Triumph

So excitement is growing! We know that Destiny’s last update is to drop at the end of March, to be more precise 28th March.

As stated by DeeJ in the announcement (link) the Age of Triumph will be:

fun and memorable celebration that will bring the first major chapter of our Destiny adventures to a fitting close

It sounds like it is going to be a sentimental journey to close the first chapter of this incredible game.

DeeJ also finally shed some light on what is happening with our characters in Destiny 2. I will cover these in detail in a separate post.

So “Age of Triumph”, first of all, Bungie will hold reveal streams for the next three weeks:

Age of Triumph Reveal – Wednesday, 8th March
Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals – Wednesday, 15th March
Age of Triumph Sandbox Update – Wednesday, 22nd March

I can imagine Bungie will follow their stream times around 9/10AM PT, 5/6PM GMT on Bungie’s twitch channel

All seems organised and ready to go pretty much but we weren’t provided with any details as to what we can expect in the last update from the Live Team at Bungie.

Wrong! I believe the three images provided in the announcement are huge giveaways!

I can safely assume that the first image of the Vault of Glass door in the Waking Ruins on Venus hints at refreshed version of my favourite vanilla raid!
First thing I did after seeing this image I went on my sparrow to confirm and voila:

I do really hope Bungie is not just teasing us and that we will get to play one of the best Raids, which has been brought to 400 Light level or even higher, but I’m doubtful about the light level going above 400.

Second image!

A whole lot of hints, majority of activities with little Rise of Iron tags attached to them right!? And the biggest giveaway…Challenge of the Elders! Yes, it looks like it will finally join Rise of Iron level activities after it was initially ignored in the last expansion. As a result I believe it hints that majority if not all the other activities will be brought to Rise of Iron light level. The two activities that I am mostly excited about are Strikes and Raids!

So what we could possibly expect is:
8 remastered Strikes:
– Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
– Blighted Chalice
– Echo Chamber
– Cerberus Vae III
– Dust Palace
– Undying Mind
– Shield Brothers
– The Sunless Cell

3 remastered Raids:
– Vault of Glass
– Crota’s End
– King’s Fall

It would require a lot of work from Destiny’s Live Team so I wouldn’t probably count on all the above to happen. I believe Bungie will focus on Strikes, Raids and possibly new Story Missions that will help us conclude Destiny 1, prepare us for Destiny 2 and the rumoured Cabal Invasion on the Tower.

There is one thing missing from the announcement and I am 99% sure that Bungie will follow their tradition of including a Record Book to keep us busy for the next 7-8 months before Destiny 2 is released.

Finally, the last image, we can assume that our sneaky Hunter is wearing a new armour, yes new content that we will go for during all the activities, because we all love new armour right? One big expectation I have is Exotics gear and armour, either something new or Year 1 exotics finally brought to the latest light level.

So here we go, quite a lot of hints at what we could expect from the final update. Sounds promising and something I am looking forward to take part in! I am completionist and will make sure that I obtain all there is before Destiny 2, and something to do in the meantime before I get my missing grimoire points from the Crucible.

That’s a wrap guardians! Let me know what do you think about the announcement and if you have any other theories about what is coming our away.

Stay safe guardians!

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