Mass Effect Andromeda: My Thoughts After 2 Weeks

I really wanted to pick up Mass Effect on release day but unfortunately I had no money and had to wait another week for pay day. So, last Saturday I finally got the chance to start playing and I would like to share my thoughts on the game after my first two weeks of gameplay (not solid gameplay, I unfortunately have to go to work in order to fund my gaming habit).

Just a quick note here: this is the first Mass Effects  game I have played, so I am going in with zero previous knowledge of the series.

I dove straight into the character creator once I loaded up the game, eager to get going but I found myself quite disappointed with the CC on offer. There is very little customisation, especially when you compare it to what Bioware provided in Dragon Age Inquisition. Perhaps my expectations were too high.

I found the preset face choices to be poor, and I ended up choosing preset 9 as my starting point. An hour or so later after constant tweaking, I was finally happy with my version of Sara Ryder and started the game itself.

The intro cinematic is a great little introduction to the game and I thought set the scene quite nicely. But as soon as we got into the game and I saw my creation actually moving and talking… well… I had to start over. I was gutted, she didn’t look right – cross eyed, huge chin – but yet she looked fine in the CC!

Not wanting to waste anymore time creating a character, I quick started the game with the default Sara Ryder. Time to watch through the intro cinematic again…. which, to be honest, isn’t as awe inspiring the second time round in quick succession.

The only thing I don’t like about default Sara Ryder is how, no matter what the situation, she always looks to be smiling. Sad moment, smiling. Angry moment, smiling. Serious moment, still smiling. There didn’t seem to be much change in that facial expression at all and I think its because she has resting happy face when really, she should have been given resting neutral face.

Despite my issues over her facial expressions, I carried on playing with default Ryder. I don’t really want to give any story away so all I will say is this: driving is hard and I’ve lost count of the number of times I have driven off a cliff. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it though.

After I achieved 100% viability on one planet, I felt that was enough of an achievement and I had gotten to grips with the various complexities of the game, such as the research and development and AVP, to feel comfortable starting again. (Especially after the latest patch which lets you skip most of the cinematics)

So behold! My new fem!Ryder –

I’m really happy with her and she doesn’t look stupid with she talks or shocked all the time or over happy all the time.

So, with Quin (my female Ryder above) I have completed a few of the loyalty missions for the companions (squad members?) which were full of feels. So many feels. But I love the interactions and the dialogue is just hilarious.

I have had some issues with frame rate on the PS4, which haven’t been fixed by a patch yet, but I also can’t some to find much information on the internet so far about anyone else having these issues. It seems to drop in the close-up dialogue interactions more than it does in the fast paced action/fighting scenes. I hope this is addressed soon.

The final thing I would like to point out as a great addition (though not necessary) to the gaming experience is the Apex HQ app on mobile. Basically, it allows me to send my strike teams out on missions and debrief the missions from my phone when they are done without actually logging onto my playstation. It’s a nice little way to keep the rewards coming in while you’re out and about.

And as my parting comment – damn you Bioware for once again drawing me into an amazing narrative with brilliant dialogue and making me feel all of the feels.

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